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You will never be removed for being inactive in a game
Let's face it, as adults we have responsibilities. Sometimes we need to take extended breaks from gaming. When that happens you're always welcome to chill with clan mates on the forum even if you don't have time to game. This way, once you do have time, you won't have to struggle to get a group together, and will have clan mates who will gladly game with you!

Your account will not be deleted from theclan forum (nor will you be kicked out of Discord) for inactivity. However, you can always PM an admin if you would like to have your account terminated.

Moreover, please use your PSN as your forum ID and stay active on the forum, so we know you're active :)

Please note: It's possible for an in-game clan (Warframe, Destiny, for example) to get full, in which case we would have to remove people who haven't logged on for a month to make space, but that doesn't mean you're kicked out. It's the constraints of the game and clan limitations that are forcing our hand. Just let us know when you're gaming again and you'll get an invite sooner than you can say "Senpai noticed me"!
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