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Top Campaigns

  1. Forum Hosting

    Unlike what many peeps think the internet isn't free!

    The actual hosting of the forum runs at 115$ a year
    Domain renewal 20$
    Forum License (updates and support) 40$
    Theme License (updates and bug fix) 20$

    For a grand Total of 195$

    What does that mean?
    Well, that means that we need your help keeping the site running. Basically, if you think the site is a cool place to get together (like we do) then feel free to contribute to the site :)

    How do I contribute?
    In Browser: by pressing the "Donate" button located to the right, on the Home page.
    On mobile. by pressing the "Donate" located at the bottom, on the Homepage.
    On the Campaign Tab follow the instructions :)

    Do I have to donate to be a member?
    Absolutely not. There's no obligation or pressure. If you have any ideas for alternatives, feel free to post your thoughts here or to PM the admins.

    $195.00 (12 months remaining)