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The Ebony Dawn

PS4 Gaming Community

This morning I have for you a newbie guide for beginning ESO. Many questions will come to mind as you start your adventure into this game.

Race? Class? Magicka? Stamina? Is this like Skyrim? Which faction?

All these questions shall be answered by one simple truth, you playing the game. You can read forum after forum, chat after chat and learn a bunch of book smarts on techs, class builds, and how the game works. However from my expierience no amount of reading helps you learn about yourself in ESO like playing it by yourself. So enter into my mind for a bit as I share what I've learned about this game.

First off ESO is not I repeat is NOT Skyrim, basically the only similarity is that it's an open world find your own quests format. The battle system is different, leveling is different, and how you use your techniques whether they be magicka or stamina differently. More details on that in a later post.

From the beginning, spend alot or little time on what your character looks like, mostly they will be covered in armor so you won't see 90% of your custom character designs in the beginning of the game. Now to the seemingly overwhelming choices of which alliance, race, and class. This largely depends on which version of the game you are playing, for example if you have the base release model your race is determined by which alliance you choose. If you have the Gold edition or premium edition you will have the option of the Imperial City DLC that allows you to play any class in any alliance. To keep things simple we will assume you have the base game release.

Daggerfall Covenant: Breton, Redguard, Orc will be your race choices.
Ebonheart: Nord, Dark Elf, Argonian
Aldmeri Dominion: High Elf, Wood Elf, Kajhiit.

This concludes the intro to the Newbie Guide. Follwoing this post will be several posts that will outline specific areas of the game in further detail.

Newbie Guide...
If you ever feel stressed out, watch the vid below. Studies conducted by the Wasteland Institute show that this video will help you relax, improve your self esteem, increase your IQ, and will help you to GG, scrub.


Titanfall 2 free to play weekend just went live today. If anyone doesn't already have it and is wanting to try it out before buying, this will be your best bet!

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You can use the links below to download Titanfall 2 and play full MP for unlimited time all weekend. Enjoy!





Hello clan, it is your favorite (and only) clan baby! I'm here to hit you guys with some knowledge and what to expect from AoT!

  • Raids are coming back!
As you know, all the raids, as well as Prison of Elders is being bumped up to 390 light. That's 10 light less than the current (and final) cap. One raid per week, starting with Crota's End, will have a Weekly challenge mode. What this mode will offer is a chance (more than likely a guaranteed) to get your hands on an Adept version for each Challenge encounter and regular encounter. It's been confirmed that there will be 2 challenges for both Vault of Glass and Crota's End. The challenges for Vault of Glass: Templar and Atheon. The challenges for Crota's End: Deathsinger and Crota. The challenges for both King's Fall and Wrath of the Machine are the same ones.

So what else will be different?...
I was engaging in my favourite pass time (browsing ThinkGeek.com) and I stumbled upon a very relevant piece of merchandise - a mousepad depicting captain Picard facepalming in all his glory! I thought of a dozen of people to give it to.
Due to recent events, however, I think it's only appropriate for all of us to get together, and send the following mousepad to the Google headquarters.