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The Ebony Dawn

PS4 Gaming Community

Hi Ebony Dawn. I have had a few people express interest in playing this game so i decided to make a guide for new players. On the surface this game looks like Overwatch, but there is more to it. This guide is pretty much a compilation of videos, because why re-do what someone else already did? I tried to find videos that are short and to the point. I know that i dont like to spend my gaming time watching tutorials nor do I like being thrown in to the fire with little to no knowledge. The tutorials show the PC version, but the PC and PS4 versions are exactly the same (Unlike games like Trove where the PC version is 2 years ahead of the crappy ass console port).

Paladins is still technically in open beta so there are a lot of updates and it is changing fairly frequently, but what follows is the core of the game and that hasn't changed. What does change? New champions are added, new game modes are added as well as nerfs and buffs to champions.

This guide assumes that you already know how to play a class based FPS so I'm going to go in to the details of what makes this game different. This is what I think you actually need to know about the game.

Basics (scrubbed video to start at 55 seconds on because do I really need to tell you what an in game store is?)

Unique Game Mode: Siege

Card System


I have a few more things to add that I do not remember the videos talking about:

1) You CANNOT change champions once the game has started.

2) There are more game modes added that were not there when these videos were made. Arena and PvE.

3) As a new free player you will only get access to a few champions. It is possible to unlock them for free but you will have to make sure you log in and play a lot.

4) If you like the game as much as I do, you can buy the Founders Pack for $20. This...

I watched this video and I would like to see what you guys think. I personally would love to see more games that focus on game play and skill rather than a "cinematic experience". I lower price point would be good too. I don't really buy games for full price because they just cost too much. Especially those narrative heavy games that cost $60 and then when you are finished with it you are left with A) a cool looking bookend or B) trade it in for $ 1.25 (and then see it back on the shelf for $55).
Hi Everyone, I don't know if any of you noticed but a new button appeared.


We have implemented a calendar with RSVP where you can invite people to the event, say if you are going or not etc. !

Feel free to start using and plan events and try it out and let me or @Zenshuin if there's any problems!


  • Monthly, Weekly, Daily and Agenda style views.
  • Fully responsive design, even the monthly calendar view.
  • Event creation with the ability to create event threads.
  • Events can have multiple and/or repeating occurrences.
  • Users can RSVP to individual occurrences and receive reminder alerts.
  • Events can be categorized with pre-defined keywords.
  • Users can filter event listings by keywords.
  • Events can be exported to iCAL or CSV formats.
Hi everyone!

Well, time for us to get our knives and guns out and PvP.
The PVP night will start around 8 pm EST.

Friday PvP crew

10 minutes before the time I'll create a party titled Friday Night PvP. Jump in!
If we get more than 6 clan mates we will do private matches:

- Control
- Clash
- Mayhem Clash
- Rift
- etc.

The time may change if every body agrees.
Hi Everyone,

This weeks game is Planetside 2. A class based MMOFPS. It has a pretty decent size download so, try not to download it the day of if you have slower download speeds. This will be a great game to get as many people on as possible. Group sizes are 12 players. There really is not much of a tutorial in this game. It just puts your right into the action. You may want to play on your own and gain a few levels because that is what unlocks the other classes.

We will be playing as the Vanu Sovereignty, because they have lazer guns!

We have a soft* start time at 8:00pm EST. Check the groupme chat for the event, and start message from @Lunatic_Kitsune7.

Thanks to everyone who came out for last weeks game. It was a lot of fun. Please leave some feedback and let the rest of the clan know about it.

Here is the list of scheduled games going forward:

4-29-17 - Planetside 2
5-6-17 - Loadout
5-13-17 - Reserved for possible PS+ games
5-20-17 - Hawken
5-27-17 - Neverwinter
6-3-17 - Smite

*The start time may be altered to a time when more people that want to play are on at the same time.