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The Ebony Dawn

PS4 Gaming Community

There are a lot of robots out there that are smarter and better than you. This one's named Deltu. He is a sassy tripod that can kick your butt in smart phone games, selfie taking contests, and DJing.

I think humanity could foster this creation and do some good by turning it into a farm bot! No longer will you have to train your toddler to farm your games for you. Deltu could win Hearthstone matches while you're at work, or expand your Fallout Shelter while you're studying. Upgrades could be developed to allow for Destiny grinding. Think of how many Hawkmoons you'll hoard. We need to fund this right now!
Some French guy walked into an Apple store and destroyed iStuff with a steel ball!

The Internet says he's a disgruntled costumer. I think he's a casual who got stuck on Aldrich in DS3. Instead of gitting gud he took his frustrations out on the very thing that enraged him - technology.
After a certain space game (that shall remain nameless) didn't deliver on all its promises, I pledged to never pre-order a game again. Well friends, that pledge is being threatened by a futuristically prehistoric reread.

Horizon Zero Dawn is, basically, Tomb Raider and Minority Report having a a baby in the local Skyrim hospital, and calling her Red Sonja. Meaning, all my favourite things together in one game!

PlayStation 4 exclusives tend to be pretty awesome. In some cases they're extraordinary (I'm looking at you TLoU an Bloodborne). Could this be the exclusive to outrank all its predecessors? I sure hope so.

Horizon Zero Dawn is a PS4 exclusive that is going to be released in February of next year.
PVP Friday is a new weekly event where Guardians can unleash all the frustrations of the week by shooting and stabbing opponents in the face with various quirky named weapons (I'm looking at you Conspiracy Theory D). It's a great way to start the weekend and to warm up for our weekly Saturday raids! So jump into parties, have fun, bring wine, chill with your clan mates and PVP to your favourite Fallout songs!
A shout out and a big welcome to all our members!
Nelo, our anime expert extraordinaire, suggested something super fun!
A party crasher weekend!
It's a great way to get to know your clan mates and an awesome way to spend the weekend! So get your mics charged, because no one is safe from having their party crashed! Hope to meet you all this weekend!