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The Ebony Dawn

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Did you know that you can get your own Fallout Crate!
I know I got mine :D

The crate includes:
S.P.E.C.I.A.L. SURPRISES Exclusive Fallout® collectibles and gear co-developed with Bethesda!
EXCLUSIVE FIGURE SERIES An original figure series featuring companions from the game with interchangeable weapons!
And bragging rights!


I'm going to post unboxing vids when I get my crates.
Hurry, hurry, hurry! Get your crate before it's too late!
TLDR version: Combine the atmosphere of Bioshock, gameplay freedom of Deus Ex, and the artistic style of Dishonored to make one of the best single player FPS RPGs of 2017. On sale for $30.


Right out of the gate, Prey immediately sets up a compelling narrative that kept me interested throughout its 50 hour campaign. However, unlike most FPS games where you're a complete badass up against mindless idiots, you actually have to use your wits to tackle most situations. Example, I walked into a room filled with enemies that can shape shift into everyday objects (that alone kept me feeling tense throughout the entire game not knowing if I'm going to get impaled by a random coffee cup) armed only with a wrench and kept getting my ass handed to me. After a few deaths, I explored an adjacent room and found a deplorable turret, picked it up, and creeped into the room very slowly. I activated it and it mowed all of them down. This wasn't what I was "supposed" to do but simply one of many possible solutions. Another great moment was when I learned how to shape shift using the alien abilities and became the "Death Bucket." I found a random bucket, shape shifted into it and started sneaking toward the human shaped enemies. As soon as I got close, I surprised them with multiple shotgun blasts to the face!

Spoiler free story info: You play as Morgan Yu, a genius scientist about to go to his first day of work at Transcorp, your family's multibillion dollar company, who happens to own a space station by the moon. Once you get there, it's overrun by very tough, sneaky, intelligent aliens. As you play the game, the characters you meet all have their own agendas. Who you decide to trust and help has a direct impact on the game's ending (SPOILER ALERT! There are a lot of endings that result in the player's death) giving this game a lot of replayability.

One of the best things about Prey is that there is so much to explore. Whether it's resources and blueprints to...
I have been thinking about this for a while now. I have been thinking about what Berserk would be like if it had a modern reboot. I loved berserk and the simple yet fun idea (and very small story) behind it. I think that this would be a great game to reboot.

What do you guys think a good game to reboot should be?

Here is a video for you young guys that may not know of Berserk
We all have fond memories of our gaming past. I go back to the Atari 2600, but some of the most memorable times in gaming for me was on my Original Xbox. I remember play both KOTOR games, GTA Vice City, Crimson Skies just to name a few. I still have it (yes, its modded), i have a good library of games for it, it's still hooked up and i play it every so often. It kind of suck because it doesn't look very good on the HDTV that i have. I am looking forward to Microsoft putting backward compatibility for the OG Xbox one the Xbox One. I'd love to play my games in HD and have it look decent.

What was your favorite console?
Like some of you, i have kids. Before I had them, I played games every chance I had. Which was pretty much when i wasn't at work. 5 hours a day on a work night and sometimes all weekend long.

Now that i have kids I might get a couple hours a day. I have to choose my games wisely too. I also now need to choose between TV or games since I don't have time for both on most days.

How about you Ebony Dawn parents? How has having kids affected your gaming?